a Registered Charitable Alberta Animal Welfare Corporation to End Needless
Mass Euthanasia Resultant from Indiscriminate, Unethical Breeding.

Registered Charity No. 81917 2024 RR0001


Canine Compassion Societies
is comprised of a network of concerned individuals with common goals and charitable objectives to:

  • Promote the humane treatment of dogs and all other animals through educating the public about animal protection related laws in Canada.

  • Collaborate with other Canadian registered charities to bring awareness to healthy and humane breeding practices and to combate animal over population and exploitation created by puppy mills and catteries.
  • Fund select Canadian registered charities committed to the welfare of dogs and all other animals including the support of canine medical and genetic research certain of which also benefits the human race.


If You Love Pets and the Animals
Dear To Us?

You can help us improve animal welfare by becoming one of our members and for a charitable donation to the animal welfare cause and the amount of your choosing.

Please contact us to become a
donor and/or member.

Calgary, Alberta
Ph.  403-475-7398
Registered Charity No. 81917 2024 RR0001

Copyright 2010



Our Mission:

We feel improved animal welfare is paramount and that the root cause of most animal cruelty is resultant from indiscriminate, unethical breeding and exploitation creating an over population of pets.

Our Vision:

  • To be a source of timely, specific and selective funding (employing minimal administrative dilution) as directed by our donors and/or our partnerships in the community to quickly and directly come to the aid of victims of animal cruelty, abandonment and even natural disaster.
  • To enhance the quality of life for animals, humans and the society in which we live through funding select specific needs not presently effectively being addressed by most animal welfare organizations.
  • To fund select causes dedicated to education, care, training, responsible breeding and adoption of homeless pets.
  • To end euthanasia of all adoptable pets.

Our Websites are: - Canine Compassion Societies is our main focus. - directory and list form provides the only required free Internet database service of Canadian registered charitable and non-profit organizations by consolidation of published data into one easy access directory.


Trudy Kerr, Pres., Businesswoman, Dog Breeder/Exhibitor 30 years, Inc. Owner
Dr. Marco Bregliano, DVM, Diplomat ACT, Businessman, Bregliano Veterinary Services Owner.
Joy Gladstone, Prof. Dog Handler & Groomer, Designs on Dogs Owner
Stewart Gladstone,
Prof. Dog Handler & Groomer, Designs on Dogs Owner
Bridget Simon, Dog Breeder/Exhibitor, Dog Groomer

Our Specific Canine Efforts:

  • To liaise to effect existing ethics and standards of all commercial breeders using the standards and guidelines laid out by National Kennel Clubs. 
  • To liaise to effect existing ethics and standards of membership of all breeders in recognized National Kennel Clubs. 
  • To educate the public to raise awarness about municipal regulations and laws.
  • To educate the public about the health, temperament and safety issues of so called "designer dogs" often bred at puppy mills as compared to owning a purebred pet from a responsible hobby breeder. 
  • To encourage would be pet owners to seek out responsible, ethical hobby breeders who selectively breed away from health and temperament issues supported by records for pure breeds. Records of any kind including health and temperament issues are non existent in cross breeds.  
  • To establish a joint owner/pet checklist ensuring that would be owners meet certain qualifications with respect to care, training, affordability etc. coupled with providing ownership education. 
  • To support Canadian charitable purebred organizations to ensure all breeds are preserved as originally developed to serve mankind.

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